Kameta Yuzawa Mariana


Lives of the Nikkei scholarship 'Dream Come True Project' students~ Kameta Yuzawa Mariana

Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I wanted to experience the daily life of Japan, society, education and the different systems. I wanted to spend time with my relatives in Japan. I also wanted to study in a graduate school.

How is your life in Japan?

The best thing about Japan is the safety and freedom. Difficulty is becoming socially isolated.

Tell us about your present study or research.

My specialty is called ‘Global Art Practice’ which is a hands-on practice program of fine arts. This means exploring the understanding of my ideas through the creation of an artwork. My research theme is human experience.

Did your consciousness as a Nikkei change in any way through studying in Japan?

I met many Nikkei from various countries in Japan. This allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the history of Latin American immigrants and the existence of an invisible panorama that covers us all.

What is your dream for the future?

In the future, I want to create opportunities for different views to be heard.

Please give a message to students who are considering studying in Japan.

If you have an opportunity to study in Japan, you should not miss it. This experience will provide new perspectives, present new opportunities and challenge you on a daily basis. You will definitely treasure this experience for the rest of your life.