Fernando Enzo Sato


Lives of the Nikkei scholarship 'Dream Come True Project' students ~ Fernando Enzo Sato

Why did you decide to study in Japan?

I have two reasons which made me decide to study in Japan.
The first reason is that as Nikkei, I wanted to study about Japan by getting to know the birthplace of my parents and about the Japanese culture.
The second reason is to learn about what is called the Green Technology (biotechnology). As you know, Japan is a country with advanced technology development in the world and an ideal place to learn the latest technology.

How is your life in Japan?

The best thing about Japan is that it is a very safe country. I got used to the lifestyle in Japan very quickly, but I miss my family and friends back home. NFSA is an invaluable place for us. It is the place where we can share our thoughts, concerns and exchange information. Among these, NFSA trainings provide us opportunities to learn many things and strengthen our bond. Lastly, for those traveling to Japan to study, it is recommended to bring e-books or an electronic copy of your own notes in the field of your study. They will be useful for the preparation for the entrance exam as well as for your own research.

Tell us about your present study or research.

I specialize in the Green Technology and focus my research in energy and reduction of CO2 in the transportation sector. I analyze optimizing the life cycle of a scrapped automobile taking into account its recycling cost.

Did your consciousness as a Nikkei change in any way through studying in Japan?

Having learned the Japanese culture after arriving in Japan, my identity as Nikkei has changed. When I was living in Argentina, I only heard good things about Japan. However, there are many good things in Latin America which cannot be found in Japan. Growing up in Argentina and having lived in Japan, I realized again that we Nikkei are fortunate to have the good points of both cultures.

What is your dream for the future?

My goal is to learn more about the Green Technology and after I finish my doctorate course, I will return to Argentina to become a University professor as well as continue my research which can be useful to the society.

Please give a message to students who are considering studying in Japan.

My message is to have a confidence in yourself, do not set limits and keep moving forward.