What is Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholars Association (NFSA)?

NFSA is a group of Nikkei students who are currently studying in Japan under the Nippon Foundation/ Nikkei scholarship ‘Dream Come True Project’.
Nikkei scholarship students study in various parts of Japan to build expertise in their fields. At the same time, they implement social contribution activities on a voluntary basis.
The goal is to achieve ‘Nikkei societies that contribute to the development of their countries and regions’ and ‘closely united Nikkei societies transcending the boundaries between nations and generations’. Each scholarship student takes all steps, from planning to implementing various social contribution activities including:

  1. Education support to the Nikkei children of Japan
  2. Supporting the lives of Nikkei residents of Japan
  3. Exchanges with Japanese societies
  4. Exchanges with local Nikkei societies

The activities include visiting Brazilian schools, participating in international events, volunteering as translators and others which make use of their skills as Nikkei students.
After returning to their respective countries, they engage in various activities to contribute to the development of Nikkei communities by drawing on their leadership skills and experiences gained through implementing social contribution activities.

Main activities of NFSA

NFSA organizes various activities such as below by drawing on the skills and expertise of Nikkei scholarship students.
・Training programs   ・Participate in Conventions of Nikkei and Japanese Abroad   ・NFSA speech contests
・NFSA painting contests   ・School projects (visiting lectures)

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